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Homeopathic medicines are so small in dose that it is appropriate to refer to them as a part of the newly defined field of "nano-pharmacology" (the prefix "nano" derives from Latin and means dwarf or small; today, the prefix is used to refer to "Nano-technology" or the "Nano-sciences" which explore the use of extremely small technologies or processes, at least one-billionth of a unit, designated as 10-9, such nano doses are boon for the patients of Kidney Failure, Liver diseases, and chronic ailments.


Nano Homeopathy is committed to provide best services to its patients. Patients are intimated time to time for their follow-ups and other investigations. Patient is free to consult by phone or personally if feels any problem prior to appointment given to him which is at times necessary for Kidney Failure patients. Quality of medicines provided to the patients will be assured by Nano (Presently the medicines being used are from ISO certified company) to hear always good response by the patient in all diseases especially Kidney Failure. The services provided by Nano Homeopathy are:


Nano Homeopathy is committed to provide its best services in various chronic diseases mainly Kidney Failure and other diseases such as Leucoderma, Thyroid diseases, Psoriasis, Acne, Hair falling, Liver diseases and many surgical diseases such as Gall Bladder Stone, Kidney Stone, Uterine Fibroid, Ovarian Cyst, Different type of Tumors, BPH, Arthritis etc. by the team of experienced Physicians.

(B) TELE-CONSULTATION (WhatsApp Video Calling)

Nano Homeopathy provides the facilities of Tele Consultation by phone, e-mail and on line treatment (www.nano-homeopathy.in) for the outstation patients whose visit to Nano Homeopathy is not possible especially serious Kidney Failure patients undergoing dialysis. The facility of sending medicine by speed post will be provided to the patients.


In typical and non responding despaired cases of Kidney Failure, facility of repertorial analysis is available by the team of experienced physicians with the help of latest Homeopathic Software.